Preparing for LASEK Surgery

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How do I prepare for LASEK surgery?

Preparing for LASEK Surgery

There are a few preparations which patients should make before undergoing LASEK surgery. One of the most important preparations is meeting with the surgeon. This is important because it gives the patient the opportunity to learn more about the procedure, as well as the recovery process. Additionally, it will enable the surgeon to evaluate your eyes and obtain information, such as corneal thickness, refraction and pupil dilation.

Patients who wear rigid gas permeable contact lenses should also prepare for LASEK surgery by not wearing these lenses for three weeks before the surgery. This is important because it will help to ensure the shape of the eye is not modified at the time of the procedure.

Finally, LASEK surgery patients should arrive at the surgery center after eating a light meal, taking all required prescription medications and removing all eye makeup. In addition to these basic requirements, individual surgeons may have additional requirements for their patients. Following these instructions and arriving on time and properly prepared for the procedure is very important.



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