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What are some common causes of presbyopia?

Common Causes of Presbyopia

The exact causes of presbyopia are not completely known, but it is believed to be a part of the natural aging process. This condition is characterized by an inability to focus on objects which are nearby which results from stiffening of the human lens which makes it difficult for the lens to change shape as necessary to focus on objects which are near.

Presbyopia can be diagnosed with a simple eye exam, but most patients can easily recognize the symptoms of this condition. Patients who begin to have difficulty reading because the words appear blurred, have difficulty reading at night or experience discomfort, fatigue or headaches when doing work requiring them to focus on near objects or words should consult their eye doctor for an evaluation.

What are some treatment options for presbyopia?

Common Presbyopia Treatments

Treatment options for presbyopia include wearing contact lenses or glasses, as well as crystalens implants. For many patients, the use of contact lenses or glasses is the simplest solution treating presbyopia. Patients who already wear corrective contact lenses for viewing far away objects may need to have an additional prescription for contact lenses to wear when they need to see nearby objects. Another solution for these patients is to wear reading glasses for viewing objects nearby. Alternately patients can also opt for bifocal eyeglasses or contact lenses. Most patients who opt for bifocal eyeglasses adjust rather quickly to these lenses, but patients who opt for bifocal contact lenses may have a more difficult time adjusting to this type of lens.

Crystalens implants is another option for patients who have presbyopia. This is a surgical procedure which involves the use of implants which rely on the eye's muscles to help focus on objects at varying distances. This is a simple procedure, but patients should discuss the risks involved as well as the other treatment options before deciding on a plan for treating the condition.

Are there any exercises which can help to correct presbyopia?

Tips for Performing Presbyopia Exercises

There are some who believe presbyopia exercises can help to delay or correct presbyopia if performed correctly. The theory behind this type of treatment option is that performing these exercises will help to delay or reverse the stiffening of the eye's natural lens which causes difficulty focusing on objects which are nearby. The basic movements involved in these types of exercises involving crossing and uncrossing the eyes while focusing on targets. Some patients have difficulty with these exercises at first, but also report improved vision of objects which are near after performing the exercises regularly.

Patients who are interested in this type of treatment option for presbyopia should consult with their eye doctor for more information on these exercises and their effectiveness. Using this information the patient can make an informed decision about whether or not to pursue this type of treatment program.

How do I know if I am a good candidate for crystalens surgery?

Good Candidates for Crystalens Surgery

Patients who are considering crystalens surgery should consult their eye doctor to determine if they are a good candidate for the procedure. Most patients who are reasonably healthy will be good candidates for the procedure, but crystalens surgery is not right for everyone. Those who are not considered to be good candidates for crystalens surgery include patients who have uncontrolled diabetes or chronic infections.

Some patients who have had previous eye problems or surgeries may also not be good candidates for crystalens surgery. This includes patients who have previously had cataract surgery. However, patients who have had corneal refractive surgery may still be good candidates for the procedure as long as their eyes are currently in good health.

How much does crystalens cost?

Insurance and Crystalens Cost

Crystalens cost will vary significantly based on the condition of the patient's eyes and the extent of the damage. Additionally, the skill level and experience of the surgeon you select as well as the area in which you live and have the surgery performed can have an impact on the cost, as well. However, patients who require this procedure may have insurance coverage which makes the surgery more affordable.

Whether or not the cost of crystalens surgery is covered will vary depending on your insurance provider and the type of coverage you have. However, most patients will likely find their insurance covers the cataract portion of the surgery, as well as the anesthesia. Some policies may also cover part of or all of the crystalens implantation, as well. Determining the crystalens cost and the insurance allowances before undergoing the procedure will help the patient to determine whether or not they can afford this treatment option.

What should I do if I suspect I have presbyopia?

Dealing with Presbyopia

There is no reason for presbyopia to cause patients to live with a great deal of discomfort or difficulty focusing on near objects. The treatment for this condition is as simple as wearing reading glasses or contact lenses with a prescription to correct the patient's near vision. However, many patients delay having an eye examination because they feel as though there is nothing that can be done and presbyopia is merely a part of the aging process.

Presbyopia does begin to affect many people over the age of 40 and is a natural part of the aging process but this does not mean the patient should delay treatment. Eye strain, discomfort and headaches are just a few of the complications a patient can avoid by devising a treatment plan. Additionally, without treatment, patients may have to give up activities they previously enjoyed such as reading, sewing, painting or doing anything which requires the ability to see near objects. However, patients who undergo treatment can continue to participate in the activities they enjoy without difficulty.

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