Side Effects of LASEK Surgery

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What are the side effects of LASEK surgery?

Side Effects of LASEK Surgery

Although LASEK surgery has been shown to produce fewer side effects than other vision correction procedures, there may be some temporary side effects which may exist. Some of these side effects may include irritation, poor vision in dimly lit situations, dry eyes and hazy vision. However, it is important to note these side effects are usually temporary in nature and can often be managed.

An uncomfortable feeling of having a foreign object in the eye may exist for one to four days following LASEK surgery. Patients may also experience dry eyes for up to six months after the procedure, but this can be managed through the use of moisturizing drops. Hazy vision may also occur but it will typically clear up within six to nine months. Finally, LASEK surgery patients may experience poor vision in dimly lit situations for up to 12 months after the procedure, but this condition should improve over time.



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