Custom LASIK Explained

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What is custom LASIK surgery?

Custom LASIK Explained Tip: During a custom LASIK surgical procedure the patient receives treatment which is completely tailored to his own specific needs. This is important because it provides the patient with not only the best visual acuity possible, but also provides the patient with the best quality of vision, as well. This means the patient not only achieves 20/20 vision or better, but is also typically free of blurring, halos or difficulty seeing in dim light situations.

Custom LASIK surgery utilizes a beam of light to create a 3D image of the eye. As the beam of light is reflected out of the eye, the necessary data is stored in a computer to enable the surgeon to customize the surgery for the unique irregularities in each patient's eye. This 3D image of the cornea is then used to program the laser which will complete the reshaping of the cornea necessary to correct the patient's vision.



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