Blade Free LASIK Makes LASIK Safer

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Is blade free LASIK safer than traditional LASIK?

Blade Free LASIK Makes LASIK Safer Tip: Many savvy individuals who have been researching their vision correction options are often delighted to learn about the technological advancements which make blade free LASIK surgery a reality. This is because blade free LASIK can yield superior results with fewer complications, making this option enticing to those who were previously apprehensive about undergoing a LASIK procedure.

Blade free LASIK employs an infrared laser to cut the corneal flap as opposed to the microkeratome blade used in traditional LASIK procedures. The use of lasers to cut this flap helps to ensure the creation of a flap which will better adhere to the eye after the completion of the procedure. This increased ability to adhere to the eye correctly is linked to the fact that the thickness, circumference and angle of the flap edges can all be precisely defined by the infrared laser to create a cut in the cornea, which is tailored specifically for the patient's eye. The ability to do this is significant because many of the complications resulting from traditional LASIK, such as double vision, distorted vision and dry eye, can be attributed to problems with the way the flap reattaches to the eye.



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