Restrictions After Bladeless Laser Surgery

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What are Some Restrictions I Must Follow After Intralase?

Restrictions After Bladeless Laser Surgery

If you choose to have Intralase, or bladeless laser surgery, there are certain restrictions for after the procedure that you need to be aware of including:

-You must not wear any eye makeup for three days following the procedure.

-You must not go swimming for two weeks after the procedure.

-You should not rub your eyes for two weeks following the procedure.

-You need to wear sports goggles for one month after surgery when participating in contact sports.

-You will need to use eye drops to prevent infection for one week after the surgery.

-You will most likely see your eye surgeon for check-up's one day after the surgery, one week after the surgery and three months after the surgery.

The above restrictions are typically standard protocol for an eye surgeon to follow after Intralase. Your surgeon may not follow each timeline. It is best to discuss any restrictions with your eye surgeon prior to having the bladeless LASIK procedure done.



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