Complication Risk

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What is My Risk of Complications from Intralase?

Complication Risk

What is a person's risk of having complications when choosing blade free LASIK surgery?

According to multiple studies that have been completed where the Intralase (blade free LASIK) laser was compared to the microkeratome laser used in surgeries such as LASIK, the Intralase was found to significantly reduce your risk of having complications.

The Intralase laser provides more stability and greater flap precision when compared to LASIK. LASIK's greatest complication is flap problems after surgery. Because Intralase is so precise, this risk is significantly reduced.



12/26/2007 8:40:30 AM
Mia said:

This is a great blog. Thank you for putting this forum together. I have been reading blogs like this for awhile and for the most part people have had positive experiences with their cosmetic procedures. That is great to see. I would be interested to know what your cirteria would be - or has been - in a search for a cosmetic surgeon. That is undoubtedly the most difficult part of the process - finding a good surgeon for your specific situation. My name is Mia I am the VP of Operations at The Patients Advantage. I am not interested in selling what we do on these blogs. What we do is at no cost to patients. I am interested in feedback from people who have already gone through the process and or have taken the process all the way and had an cosmetic procedure done. We have been in business since 2004 and the feedback we have received has always kept us in the forefront of technology and develop the tools that keep patients better informed on who the best surgeons are and the research tools about the procedures of interest. Please reply to this post on what is important to you…or email me directly from here or through our site; Happy Holidays.


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