Does Presbyopia Mean You are Aging?

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Is Presbyopia a Sign of Aging?

Does Presbyopia Mean You are Aging?

Presbyopia occurs when a person is not able to focus on an object that is near to them due to the loss of elasticity in the eye. This means that as you age, the lens in your eye isn't as flexible as it used to be. Without that flexibility, your eyes can't focus as well on near objects. Presbyopia typically occurs after a person turns 40 and typically results in an inability to read comfortably or focus on the words easily. Unfortunately, this happens to everyone as they age. It is not something that you can prevent from happening to you.

So, does Presbyopia mean you are aging? Well yes, presbyopia is a sign that someone is aging, because it occurs starting around a certain age and is proven to be age-related. There are an estimated 90 million people in the United States currently have it or will develop presbyopia by the year 2014.



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