Alcohol Disadvantage of LASEK

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Why Can Alcohol be a Disadvantage to LASEK?

Alcohol Disadvantage of LASEK

LASEK uses an alcohol solution on the cornea cells to destabilize them right before surgery. One disadvantage of LASEK is that the alcohol solution kills all of these cells on the cornea, which means they must be regenerated. This loss of cells may interfere with the patient's vision for a time after the procedure.

During the healing process, the cells that are dead will still need to be expelled from the area while the others that are in the process of healing will be allowed to live on. This process can take some time also. Therefore, with the use of the alcohol solution, LASEK often results in a longer time for vision to be restored, however, it is often with less complications when compared to other laser eye surgeries.

The entire LASEK surgery will only last seven to 10 minutes per eye. The healing process may take anywhere from from a few days to a few months. Please see you doctor if you are having problems healing from LASEK.



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