LASEK vs. LASIK: The Difference

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What are the differences between LASIK and LASEK?

LASEK vs. LASIK: The Difference

LASEK and LASIK; when you say them they sound very similar. However, there are many differences between these types of laser eye surgeries.

While both LASEK and LASIK involve numbing the cornea, repositioning of the flap and both use excimer laser treatments for the procedure, that is also where the similarities end.

With LASEK surgery, a medicinal alcohol is used during the procedure to treat the top layer of cornea cells for about 30 seconds. LASIK does not use a technique involving alcohol. LASEK uses a butterfly or superior hinge technique when making the flap and LASEK requires a soft contact lens as a bandage after surgery. LASIK requires no stitches or bandages for healing.

LASIK usually offers a generally less painful recovery LASEK and healing times vary between the two.



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