LASEK Better Than LASIK?

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Is LASEK Better Than LASIK?

LASEK Better Than LASIK?

Is LASEK better than LASIK? LASEK was created as a surgery that would be safer than LASIK and reduce the problems associated with PRK. But does this make LASEK better or safer than LASIK?

The cons of LASEK are as follows: corneal cell loss, infection, debris that may get under the flap, side effects of oral analgesics and the chance of the epithelial not healing. The cons of LASIK are: complications with the flap, infection interface debris, and dry eyes.

The pros of LASEK are: fewer long term side effects, suitable for all people. The pros of LASIK are: less pain, and quicker vision recovery.

So, is LASEK better than LASIK? The answer strictly depends on the patient. It's best to always speak with your eye doctor or surgeon about which type of surgery is right for you.



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