How Can CK Get Expensive?

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Why is CK more expensive in the long run?

How Can CK Get Expensive?

Conductive keratoplasty (CK) is a great choice for baby boomers who wish to correct their vision and rid themselves of reading glasses. What makes this choice actually more expensive than some of the other laser vision correction procedures?

One procedure of CK is actually less expensive than one of the other types of laser eye surgeries. Therefore, many people see CK as a cheaper and easier laser eye surgery.

Typically, the procedure costs around $1,500 for one eye and since CK is considered an elective or a cosmetic surgery, it usually isn't covered under insurance plans. CK is an ongoing process because the effects of the procedure are not permanent, and must be repeated every three to five years.

However, CK is different and more appealing to patients because there is no cutting involved and no tissue removed. Talk to your doctor about the best approach for your eye correction surgery, and find out if CK is right for you.



10/16/2007 6:16:05 AM
Virginia Hughes said:

My questions is what happens after the 3 to 5 years after CK, What procedure is preformed next or back to glasses, or ? Basically where do I go in 5 years with a vision problem?


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