How Custom LASIK Works

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How does custom LASIK work?

How Custom LASIK Works

The wavefront technology used in custom wavefront LASIK surgery is highly precise -- more precise, in fact, than the surgery it is supporting, which means it may find optical defects that cannot be corrected.

As with other laser procedures, the patient is asked to look at a target light. A laser beam sends a specific pattern of light waves into the eye, and the wavefront sensor measures the changes in that pattern as it is reflected back. To use a simple example, if a straight line is reflected back as wavy, it indicates there is an error in the eye's lens and shows the magnitude and nature of that error.

The human eye is imperfect, so no one's eyes will reflect back the exact pattern that is beamed in. Wavefront diagnostics are a vital tool for today's laser eye surgeons.



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