What to Expect after Presbyopia Surgery

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How much improvement can I expect from presbyopia surgery?

What to Expect after Presbyopia Surgery

People who have presbyopia surgery will go through an adjustment period -- the length of time varies depending on the kind of surgery -- before reaching their final vision improvement.

Presbyopia surgery also may not eliminate the need for glasses or contact lenses. For one thing, their eyes will continue to lose focus, so that the correction that was right at age 42 will not be right five or 10 years later. This sometimes manifests as a loss of clarity in middle distances. The solution for this is a multifocal or bifocal contact lens in one eye, while correcting for distance vision in the other.

Side effects with monovision sometimes include "ghost images" visible at night and trouble with depth perception. Monovision treatments are not recommended for those who fly airplanes, do a lot of night driving or are required to maintain top athletic performance.



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