Read the Fine Print on CK

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Should I be able to read fine print perfectly after CK?

Read the Fine Print on CK

If you want to read legal documents with small print after having conductive keratoplasty, read your CK eye surgeon's disclaimer first.

While 87 percent of patients could read phone book-sized print (and could see long distance) after the 2004 FDA clinical trial of CK eye surgery to treat presbyopia, some patients can't read fine print with complete clarity. Some patients may still need reading glasses for books, but results in any surgery may vary from patient to patient.

Your ophthalmologist may tell you that you'll need to hang on to your reading glasses two years after the procedure. You can do that to hedge your bets, but your corneas may be stable five, seven or ten years from now. Again, conductive keratoplasty results do depend on the individual patient.



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