CK Technical Specs

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How does CK work?

CK Technical Specs

Why is CK so non-invasive as opposed to other forms of vision correction? You know the answer: radio waves. But how does the same medium that carries your kids' hip-hop music hits help your vision?

Your CK eye surgeon will use dye to plot up to 32 treatment points, after your eye has been numbed with anesthetic eye drops. The conductive keratoplasty probe will radiate the treatment points with heat from radio frequency waves in concentrated bursts.

What do you do while CK radio waves correct your vision? You recline comfortably in an eye exam chair, just as you would for your regular eye exam, and focus on the light from a microscope. Your eyelids will be propped open with a speculum-like tool that helps ground the radio frequency and acts as a return path while the radio waves are bouncing around.

Sound complex? It isn't--the procedure takes 15 minutes, and you can have both eyes treated at once if the CK is performed to correct hyperopia. Remember that if you have CK to treat hyperopia, your range needs to be between +0.75 and +3.25 diopters of refractive error and at most +.075 diopters astigmatism.

In any case, you'll find that radio waves simplify eye surgery and make vision correction after 40 easier.



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