CK: Temporary or Lasting?

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I've heard that vision correction from CK is temporary, is this true?

CK: Temporary or Lasting?

Your CK eye surgeon advises you that while the 20/16 uncorrected vision you regain is permanent with LASIK or LASEK, CK procedures have a risk of regression.

Conductive keratoplasty is a temporary procedure, and since ageing of the eyes isn't cureable, your eyes will revert to your pre-CK eye surgery levels, so don't throw away your reading glasses. However, your wise CK eye surgeon will tell you that CK technology has improved to achieve a more stable refraction since 2002, when the FDA approved the procedure to treat hyperopia, and 2004, when the FDA approved conductive keratoplasty to treat presbyopia.

Patient tip: Ask your ophthalmologist what percent of patients experienced regression and had to have corrections or enhancements after CK.

If you expect that your vision will instantly stabilize, your expectations are too high. CK is successful and offers only temporary discomfort, but it's not an instantaneous procedure.



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