CK Candidacy

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I'm over 40, what eye surgery options do I have?

CK Candidacy

You've had all your children and are windsurfing with ease...unfortunately, you have presbyopia or hyperopia, and your contacts slip when you're cresting a wave.

Check with a conductive keratoplasty eye surgeon. CK is designed for people over 40 with presbyopia, a condition that prevents you from focusing on near objects. CK eye surgery isn't invasive, and doesn't involve blurring of distance vision.

The probe used in conductive keratoplasty improves the curvature by shrinking the collagen in your eye, tightening the cornea and lengthening your eyeball. You'll typically have the CK procedure done on one eye.

If your eye is healthy, your eyeglass prescription has been stable for at least a year, you don't have strabismus, keloid scarring, diabetes, glaucoma, or autoimmune disorders, and if you're not planning to get pregnant again, you're an excellent candidate for CK eye surgery. See, being over 40 does have its advantages!



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