Second Opinions and Microkeratome

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If I trust my eye doctor but don't like microkeratome lasers, do I get a second opinion?

Second Opinions and Microkeratome

Many people opt for LASEK over LASIK because they are wary of
microkeratome blades. In choosing a LASIK surgeon, ask whether you are a good candidate for LASEK, or if LASIK will give you better vision.

If your doctor recommends LASIK, you may get a second opinion, or you may ask about the femtosecond laser of IntraLase, the bladeless eye surgery.

If your second-opinion LASIK doctor recommends IntraLase, weigh the risks and benefits of both procedures. Ask your regular doctor whether you should have IntraLase.

You're not obligated to choose your regular ophthalmologist if you think that a second ophthalmologist may produce the results you want. You have to consider your relationship with your LASIK doctor, whether you trust and like your doctor, and whether a certain procedure is in your best interests. When choosing a LASIK surgeon, don't knock someone who's familiar with your medical history and interested in helping you see well.



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