Ads for LASIK Surgeons

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I saw a LASIK surgeon advertised in a newspaper, should I call the office?

Ads for LASIK Surgeons

You see a great ad for a LASIK doctor in the newspaper, but buyer beware. Just as you shouldn't pick a used car out of the classifieds without doing research, you shouldn't rush to call a LASIK surgeon after seeing a slick ad in the newspaper.

If the ad makes the procedure sound easier than it is and promises perfect vision with no reading glasses required afterwards, ditch the paper and walk into your local surgical or medical center. An established LASIK center, where surgeons have refined their techniques with the latest technology, is better than a Johnny-come-lately clinic that opened its doors six months ago. When choosing a LASIK doctor, you should be willing to accept that you won't get perfect results overnight, and a respectable surgeon won't promise miracles.

Also, when choosing a LASIK surgeon, beware of someone who claims to have used EpiLASIK or LASEK for ten years--these technologies are more recent.

The same holds true for Wavefront-guided custom LASIK.

Referrals from your optometrist or ophthalmologist, or from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, are your best bet. You can listen to testimonials from your pals, but check to see that the LASIK surgeon has the best reputation in your area if not the country you live in.

Put on your glasses, put down the newspaper, and Google your prospective LASIK doctor.



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