The LASEK Procedure

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How does LASEK work as opposed to LASIK?

The LASEK Procedure

Confused about LASEK vs. LASIK vs. PRK? PRK belongs in its own category--although all three procedures use an excimer laser to resculpt the cornea. Here's the skinny on LASEK:

1) You have a complete eye exam with diagnostic technology that gathers information about your vision and eye geography.
2) Nurses and an ophthalmologist apply a sterile drape to protect your eyes.
3) You get numbed with a sedative, and your eyes get numbed with eye drops.
4) A special instrument loosens the epithelium around the surgery area.
5) The epithelium is pushed to the side.
6) You look at a target light while a laser reshapes your cornea without disturbing the tissue.
7) A minute or two later, the laser eye surgeon smoothes the epithelium back into place and applies a contact lens bandage.

In LASIK, the ophthalmologist creates a hinged flap in the cornea. After the procedure, your eyes are examined with a slit lamp microscope, since there is an incision in your eye.

Does LASEK seem less complicated than LASIK now? They both carry risks and benefits. The one thing that won't cause you confusion: being able to read the paper without glasses.



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