Doctor's Orders and LASEK

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My doctor just told me I should have LASEK, do I consent?

Doctor's Orders and LASEK

You trust your ophthalmologist, but when she suggests you have LASEK vs. LASIK, you're hesitant. You've always heard LASIK is the way to go.

Here's a vision tip: Ask your ophthalmologist why she thinks you're a better candidate for LASEK eye laser surgery rather than LASIK. She may tell you that:

* you have wide pupils

* you have thin corneas

* you have flat corneas

If your ophthalmologist gives these reasons, you are, indeed, a candidate for LASEK and probably don't need to seek a second opinion. You can check with another laser eye surgeon and have a thorough eye exam to see if you should have LASIK. If that doctor gives you the "flat corneas" answer, you'll probably end up having LASEK treatment.

Oh, there's another benefit: That post-operative haze you get with LASIK is reduced with LASEK eye surgery, especially if you need correction above 6.00 diopters. However, you'll still experience the usual visual effects and have to wear a contact lens bandage to hold the epithelium in place.



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