LASEK and Astigmatism

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How does LASEK help my astigmatism?

LASEK and Astigmatism

You have healthy eyes but you need glasses, and you've developed an astigmatism--it's genetic, after all. In astigmatism, your cornea is shaped like a football. Your vision gets blurry because there's no single focus in the eye. Do you resign yourself to being four-eyes for the rest of your life?

Not necessarily. LASEK eye surgery can treat your astigmatism without the complications of LASIK. In the LASEK vs. LASIK debate, both reshape your cornea from a football shape to the normal basketball shape. The blurriness lifts, but with LASEK, your eye tissue is disturbed less, although there's a slight chance of scarring. Also, if you have wide pupils, you're probably a better candidate for LASEK eye laser surgery than LASIK.

So put away those glasses...and if your mom doesn't have cataracts or glaucoma but does have flat or thin corneas, you might encourage her to have LASEK and put away her glasses too.



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