No Risk of Cornea Flaps

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I've heard about corneal flaps, can LASEK eliminate loose corneal flaps?

No Risk of Cornea Flaps

One of the major problems of LASIK surgery that everyone dreads: corneal flaps. When the blade touches your cornea and the epithelium or the outer layer covering your cornea, you run the risk of having displaced flaps or flaps that are the wrong size. In fact, flap problems represent a large percentage of LASIK complications.

If you're debating LASEK vs. LASIK, know that LASEK laser eye surgery uses a trephine with a finer blade than the LASIK microkeratome in order to remove the epithelium from your cornea. After the excimer laser (the same laser used for LASIK) reshapes the cornea, your LASEK surgeon replaces the epithelium, so there are no corneal flaps. The epithelium heals and seals in about a day.

The downside of LASEK: Your vision takes longer to recover. But if you're concerned about corneal flaps, LASEK surgery will ease your mind, and put the light in your eye!



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