LASIK Frequently Asked Questions

I have thin corneas and have been turned down for LASIK, what can I do?

I've heard about corneal flaps, can LASEK eliminate loose corneal flaps?

How does LASEK help my astigmatism?

My doctor just told me I should have LASEK, do I consent?

How does LASEK work as opposed to LASIK?

I'm a pilot, can I have LASEK?

How long before I see results with LASEK?

Can my doctor use Wavefront technology in my LASEK procedure?

What questions should I ask my LASIK surgeon?

I saw a LASIK surgeon advertised in a newspaper, should I call the office?

If I trust my eye doctor but don't like microkeratome lasers, do I get a second opinion?

If a surgeon recommends an intraocular lens, should I have the procedure?

Do I need a sports vision specialist as my LASIK doctor?

How do I know if my surgeon tells me realistic results?

Should I choose a LASIK surgeon who treats celebrities?

What do I need to know about laser safety when choosing a LASIK surgeon?

How often should I have my eyes examined?

Can diabetes affect my vision?

What advice do ophthalmologists have for me so I can avoid laser surgery problems?

Do ophthalmologists recommend one custom LASIK procedure over another?

Do I need an ophthalmologist who is board certified?

Why do I have to have an ophthalmologist examine my eye if an optometrist does it?

Should a licensed medical doctor perform my eye surgery?

Should I trust an optometrist who claims to perform surgeries with a laser or scalpel?

I'm over 40, what eye surgery options do I have?

I've heard that CK sacrifices distance vision in one eye, is this true?

I've heard that vision correction from CK is temporary, is this true?

Why do I have to wear contact lenses if I'm having CK?

How does CK work?

Should I be able to read fine print perfectly after CK?

Is a changing eye prescription a problem with CK?

Is eye tracking effective in laser vision correction?

I don't like eye dilation, can I choose a vision correction system with no dilation?

What alternatives do I have to laser eye surgery?

If my eyeglass prescription is constantly changing, can I still have laser eye surgery?

If I have to have enhancements or vision correction, is that a bad thing?

What do I do before having laser surgery?

What do I do if I want to have laser surgery on just one eye?

Should I choose a LASIK surgeon based on what I can afford?

Will my employer pay for LASIK?

What other LASIK financing might my employer offer?

Is LASIK tax-deductible?

Should I take out an interest-free loan from a LASIK doctor?

What kind of credit rating should I have for LASIK financing?

Is my credit union a good place to apply for LASIK financing?

Will my insurance absolutely not cover LASIK?

What are the risks of LASIK surgery?

I have dry eyes, can I still have LASIK?

How does LASIK surgery work?

Can LASIK correct my vision?

What will happen during my LASIK eye surgery?

Can my child or teenager have LASIK vision correction?

What can I expect after I have LASIK surgery?

What is presbyopia?

What treatments are available for presbyopia?

Can the Crystalens surgery help treat my presbyopia?

What types of presbyopia surgery are there?

How can I tell if I have presbyopia?

Will the "monovision" treatment help me?

How much improvement can I expect from presbyopia surgery?

What are my options for refractive eye surgery?

What do I need to know before choosing refractive eye surgery?

I have dry eyes. Can I still have refractive surgery?

What are the alternatives to refractive surgery?

What questions should I ask my refractive surgeon?

What can I expect after I have refractive eye surgery?

What does refractive surgery cost?

What is PRK?

Who should consider PRK?

What are the risks of PRK?

What will happen before my PRK surgery?

What can I expect during PRK surgery?

What differences are there between PRK and LASIK?

How does PRK eye surgery work?

What should I expect after PRK surgery?

What is epi-LASIK?

Can epi-LASIK work for me?

What can I expect after epi-LASIK surgery?

What are the possible complications of epi-LASIK?

How does epi-LASIK work?

Can epi-LASIK help me correct my vision while enjoying an active lifestyle?

What is Intralase?

How does blade-free LASIK work?

What are the differences between standard and blade-free LASIK?

What are the benefits of Intralase?

Am I a candidate for blade-free LASIK?

What equipment is used in Intralase?

Is blade-free LASIK more precise?

Will I have to pay more for blade-free LASIK?

What is custom LASIK?

How does custom LASIK work?

Why should I consider custom LASIK?

What does custom LASIK cost?

Do I need custom LASIK?

Can I benefit from custom LASIK?

What will happen before my custom LASIK surgery?

What will happen after my custom LASIK surgery?

What resources should I utilize when looking for an experienced LASIK surgeon?

Are the types of lasers used in my doctor's office that important?

Why is follow-up with the surgeon important after surgery?

Why should I understand what happens at my surgical consultation?

How can I shop around to find the best LASIK surgeon for me?

Why is conductive keratoplasty (CK) not an appropriate procedure for those with myopia?

Why is CK more expensive in the long run?

What is Lighttouch Technology?

Compare CK, LASEK and LASIK.

Is CK approved by the FDA?

What is CustomVue?

What is Wavefront Technology?

Why Does Custom LASIK Offer Less Risk and Better Vision?

Why Does Custom LASIK Elminate Halos?

How Does Custom LASIK Eliminate Higher Order Aberrations?

Why is Epi-LASIK Appropriate For Those With Low Myopia?

Does Epi-LASIK Involve Corneal Flaps?

Is Epi-LASIK going to be the next big thing?

Is Recovery Time Faster With Epi-LASIK Compared to Other Laser Eye Surgeries?

What is the Difference Between Epi-LASIK and PRK?

How Can LASIK Be Cost Effective?

What Can a Discount Vision Plan Offer Me For LASIK?

How Can a Cafeteria Health Plan Pay For LASIK?

What Are Some Payment Options for LASIK

How Can I Save My Tax Refunds to Use for LASIK?

Why Are My Eyes Dry After LASIK?

What Are Some Complications of LASIK?

What Are The Two Types of Contraindications With LASIK?

Are You Ready for LASIK?

How Should I Prepare for LASIK?

What Should I Know Before Surgery?

Are You Ready for Laser Eye Surgery?

Why is Refractive Stability Important?

What Can I Expect After Laser Eye Surgery?

When is Laser Eye Surgery not recommended?

Is LASEK Better Than LASIK?

What are the differences between LASIK and LASEK?

Why Can Alcohol be a Disadvantage to LASEK?

Does LASEK Have a Greater Risk of Complications?

When is LASEK the Right Choice?

Is Presbyopia a Sign of Aging?

Can Surgery Stop Presbyopia?

Are Intraocular Lenses Suitable for Those With Presbyopia?

Are Intraocular Lenses Better Than Laser Surgery For Presbyopia?

Why is CK Beneficial for Presbyopia?

Why is PRK suitable for those with active careers or lifestyles?

How Do PRK and Other Flap Procedures Compare?

How Does the Excimer Laser Work for PRK?

What Should I Limit Myself To After PRK?

What is An Enhancement Surgery After PRK?

What are the types of refractive surgery?

What are RK and AK?

What Risk Do I Take of Losing My Best Corrected Vision?

Why Have Refractive Surgery?

How Do I Prepare for Refractive Surgery?

Where are Some Places to Start Looking for an Ophthalmologist?

What is the American College of Surgeons?

How Should I Check my Surgeon's Credentials?

What are the Main Types of Eye Specialists?

What Questions Should I Ask When Screening Potential Ophthalmologists?

What is My Risk of Complications from Intralase?

Does Intralase Cause Photophobia as a Complication?

Is the Intralase Procedure for Me?

Can Intralase Cause Hemorrhages?

What is Intralase with Custom LASIK?

What are Some Restrictions I Must Follow After Intralase?

What are Some Things I Should Ask My Intralase Surgeon?

How do PRK, Epi-LASIK and Intralase Differ?

How Has Intralase Improved LASIK?

What are the benefits of LASIK surgery?

Can vision correction surgery help me improve my confidence?

Can everyone benefit from LASIK?

How effective is LASIK?

What are the long term LASIK results?

Are there any interesting statistics available for LASIK surgery

What should I look for when evaluating LASIK success rate statistics?

Can I have LASIK if I have astigmatism?

Are there advantage to LASIK surgery without the use of a blade?

Is blade free LASIK safer than traditional LASIK?

How does blade free LASIK surgery differ from traditional LASIK?

Can military pilots undergo LASIK surgery?

Can all laser LASIK technology be used in cornea transplants?

How do I know if blade free LASIK is right for me?

Is blade free LASIK surgery safer than traditional LASIK?

Is the flap created during all laser LASIK really more precise?

How do I choose a LASIK surgeon?

What types of questions should I ask my laser eye surgeon?

Are there any questions related to price which I should ask before choosing a LASIK doctor.

How important is it to trust your eye surgeon?

Should I go to the same LASIK surgeon who operated on my friend?

How do I research a LASIK doctor?

How do I compare LASIK eye surgeons?

How do I know which surgeons are the best LASIK surgeons?

What is custom LASIK surgery?

What are the advantages of wavefront LASIK?

How well does wavefront laser eye surgery work?

How do I selecting a wavefront laser vision correction surgeon?

Where can I find a custom wavefront LASIK surgeon?

What types of equipment are approved for use in custom LASIK surgery?

Why is custom laser eye surgery more expensive than traditional LASIK surgery?

What is LASIK wavefront Technology?

Am I a good candidate for LASEK?

How do I know if my eye is not healing properly after LASEK eye surgery?

What is the recovery period like for LASEK eye surgery?

What is the difference between LASIK and LASEK?

What are the advantages of LASEK surgery?

What are the disadvantages of LASEK surgery?

What are the side effects of LASEK surgery?

How do I prepare for LASEK surgery?

Is LASIK financing an option?

What should I consider in evaluating LASIK cost?

What is the average cost of LASIK eye surgery?

What should I consider when comparing the costs of laser eye surgery?

Can I finance LASIK surgery?

Will my insurance company cover LASIK surgery?

Are there any hidden costs associated with laser eye surgery?

How much does LASIK eye surgery cost?

What are the advantages of PRK laser eye surgery?

What exactly is LASIK surgery?

What happens during LASIK eye surgery?

How can I learn more about laser eye surgery?

What LASIK information should I consider before undergoing a particular procedure?

Where can I find unbiased LASIK eye surgery information?

What types of LASIK procedures are available?

How do I prepare for laser eye surgery?

What are some potential LASIK complications?

What do I need to know about LASIK Risks?

How can I minimize my risk of laser eye surgery complications?

How do I avoid problems with LASIK?

What will happen if there are problems after my LASIK surgery?

What are some common laser eye surgery problems?

Can I have LASIK surgery if I have an autoimmune disease?

When are LASIK eye surgery risks too high?

What LASIK advice should I follow for a proper recovery?

What LASIK information do I need about after the Procedure?

Are there any restrictions after laser eye surgery?

How long is the estimated recovery time for LASIK surgery?

Do I have to attend all LASIK post op visits?

How will my vision be checked after LASIK surgery?

How will I know if there are problems after my LASIK surgery?

What can I expect immediately after LASIK surgery?

How long does it take to recover from LASIK surgery?

What is an ophthalmologist?

What types of classes do ophthalmology students take?

What should I look for when choosing an ophthalmologist?

What should I do in the event of an eye injury?

What is 20/20 vision?

How do I treat pinkeye?

What are some common eye disorders?

When is eye surgery necessary?

What are some common eye diseases?

When is PRK preferred over other types of laser vision correction surgery?

What are the advantages of PRK eye surgery?

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