Laser Vision Correction and Presbyopia

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Can laser vision correction surgery correct presbyopia?

Laser Vision Correction and Presbyopia Tip: Laser vision correction surgery is not currently approved for treatment of presbyopia in the U.S. Laser vision surgeries focus on reshaping the cornea to eliminate abnormalities which cause vision problems. However, difficulty viewing nearby objects is a result of the eye's lens stiffening and inability to change shape as required to focus on near objects. This means the problem of presbyopia relates to the human lens as opposed to the cornea and is therefore not likely to be corrected through the use of laser vision correction surgery.

Although the use of laser vision correction surgery to treat presbyopia is not currently approved in the U.S., there are other countries which are experimenting with the use of lasers as a treatment option. Canada and Mexico are among the countries doing this type of experimentation and if they see success, there may be laser treatment options for presbyopia in the future.



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