LASIK Financing Options

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Is LASIK financing an option?

LASIK Financing Options Tip: For many patients considering LASIK surgery, there is a need for LASIK financing options. This includes patients who are interested in the procedure, but are unable to pay the complete cost of the procedure upfront. Patients may be tempted to select a surgeon based on cost, but it is more important to choose the surgeon based on qualifications and experience and consider cost only as a deciding factor between equally qualified surgeons. These surgeons may charge higher fees, but financing options can make it possible for patients to afford these types of procedures.

When interviewing potential LASIK surgeons, it is important to ask about the financing options available. A patient may have to delay the surgery indefinitely until he can save up for the procedure if there are no financing options available with a highly qualified surgeon. However, this is typically not the case as most surgeons offer some type of financing options.

The most popular LASIK financing option includes allowing the patient to pay a small deposit before the procedure and repay the remaining portion over time. There may or may not be interest payments associated with the repayment schedule. When evaluating LASIK financing options, the patient should consider all of the terms of the repayment plan to determine which option is most cost effective for the patient.



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