What to Expect After Laser Eye Surgery?

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What Can I Expect After Laser Eye Surgery?

What to Expect After Laser Eye Surgery?

After having laser eye surgery, one can expect the following to occur:

-Eyes that burn, itch or feel like something is in them.

-Discomfort or mild pain. Some pain may even be moderate.

-Sensitivity to lights, glares or haloes around lights.

-Your eyes may be bloodshot.

-Plan on taking one or more days off work while your eyes recover.

-You will schedule an appointment to see your doctor within 24 to 48 hours of your surgery.

-You may have a two-week wait before using lotions or creams on your face.

-It may take as long as six months to receive stabilized vision.

-Avoid contact sports until your eye surgeon gives the okay.

-Avoid swimming or hot tubs for up to two months after surgery.

These are normal complications, but it is always best to let your doctor know so that he or she may ease any worries.



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