Alternatives to Refractive Surgery

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What are the alternatives to refractive surgery?

Alternatives to Refractive Surgery

After investigating your options, you may choose not to have refractive surgery. Perhaps you have a medical condition that makes you a poor candidate for the surgery. Perhaps you have a military or aviation career and are not permitted to have it and keep your job. Or perhaps you have studied the side effects and possible risks and decided you're not prepared to take them.

Of course you still have the option of glasses or contact lenses for vision correction. Newer forms of disposable lenses last 30 days and in some cases do not need to be taken out at night.

You may, however, be interested in non-surgical alternatives to refractive surgery. One, Ortho-K, uses contact lenses worn briefly each day to reshape the cornea. This does not produce any permanent improvement, but is often used in young people whose eyes have not stabilized.

Beware of "vision therapists" and pseudo-scientific institutes who claim that vision can be improved through exercises. Your eyes should be treated by a licensed professional.



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