Enhancements After Surgery

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If I have to have enhancements or vision correction, is that a bad thing?

Enhancements After Surgery

You know that your eyes are a precious investment, and you're not fooled by advertisements of "jiffy-eyes". While you can enjoy relief from glasses or contacts that cramp your style, your laser eye surgeon will tell you that sometimes you need a laser vision correction after your laser eye surgery, especially if you have myopia. If you have high myopia, you may tend to regress from your desired 20/20 vision.

Vision correction enhancement procedures are common. Just make sure that your laser eye surgeon doesn't over-correct and create hyperopia, or farsightedness, in the hope that your vision will regress toward normal uncorrected vision.

If you had refractive laser vision correction surgery and you choose to have enhancement surgery through VISX or LADARVision's LADARWave Wavefront diagnostic technology, studies done on VISX have shown that Wavefront can be effective in treating higher order aberrations. However, some surgeons won't perform Wavefront laser vision correction on eyes with higher order aberrations--for example, if you're too myopic or too hyperopic.

In any case, ophthalmologists don't recommend having corrections for three to six months after your laser surgery. The eye needs time to heal, and you can expect some regression. Be on top of your treatment, in-between workouts at the gym, and have regular post-op diagnostics.



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