Common Presbyopia Treatments

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What are some treatment options for presbyopia?

Common Presbyopia Treatments

Treatment options for presbyopia include wearing contact lenses or glasses, as well as crystalens implants. For many patients, the use of contact lenses or glasses is the simplest solution treating presbyopia. Patients who already wear corrective contact lenses for viewing far away objects may need to have an additional prescription for contact lenses to wear when they need to see nearby objects. Another solution for these patients is to wear reading glasses for viewing objects nearby. Alternately patients can also opt for bifocal eyeglasses or contact lenses. Most patients who opt for bifocal eyeglasses adjust rather quickly to these lenses, but patients who opt for bifocal contact lenses may have a more difficult time adjusting to this type of lens.

Crystalens implants is another option for patients who have presbyopia. This is a surgical procedure which involves the use of implants which rely on the eye's muscles to help focus on objects at varying distances. This is a simple procedure, but patients should discuss the risks involved as well as the other treatment options before deciding on a plan for treating the condition.



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