Insurance and Crystalens Cost

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How much does crystalens cost?

Insurance and Crystalens Cost

Crystalens cost will vary significantly based on the condition of the patient's eyes and the extent of the damage. Additionally, the skill level and experience of the surgeon you select as well as the area in which you live and have the surgery performed can have an impact on the cost, as well. However, patients who require this procedure may have insurance coverage which makes the surgery more affordable.

Whether or not the cost of crystalens surgery is covered will vary depending on your insurance provider and the type of coverage you have. However, most patients will likely find their insurance covers the cataract portion of the surgery, as well as the anesthesia. Some policies may also cover part of or all of the crystalens implantation, as well. Determining the crystalens cost and the insurance allowances before undergoing the procedure will help the patient to determine whether or not they can afford this treatment option.



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