Dealing with Presbyopia

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What should I do if I suspect I have presbyopia?

Dealing with Presbyopia

There is no reason for presbyopia to cause patients to live with a great deal of discomfort or difficulty focusing on near objects. The treatment for this condition is as simple as wearing reading glasses or contact lenses with a prescription to correct the patient's near vision. However, many patients delay having an eye examination because they feel as though there is nothing that can be done and presbyopia is merely a part of the aging process.

Presbyopia does begin to affect many people over the age of 40 and is a natural part of the aging process but this does not mean the patient should delay treatment. Eye strain, discomfort and headaches are just a few of the complications a patient can avoid by devising a treatment plan. Additionally, without treatment, patients may have to give up activities they previously enjoyed such as reading, sewing, painting or doing anything which requires the ability to see near objects. However, patients who undergo treatment can continue to participate in the activities they enjoy without difficulty.



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