Disadvantages of LASEK Surgery

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What are the disadvantages of LASEK surgery?

Disadvantages of LASEK Surgery

Although the decreased thickness of the corneal flap during LASEK surgery makes vision correction surgery an option for patients with thin corneas or patients with steep corneas, there are some disadvantages to this procedure. Specifically LASEK surgery usually has a longer recovery period than LASIK. It is not unusual for LASEK patients to not have corrected vision for one to two weeks after the procedure, while LASIK patients may have corrected vision after only one day.

LASEK surgery patients also typically report more discomfort following the procedure than LASIK patients. However, this discomfort usually only lasts for one to two days. Other disadvantages to LASEK surgery involving the recovery period include the need to wear a specially-designed contact lens as a bandage for three to four days after the procedure and the need to use topical steroid drops for longer than required after LASIK surgery.



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