LASEK Recovery Expectations

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What is the recovery period like for LASEK eye surgery?

LASEK Recovery Expectations

The LASEK recovery period is very similar to the recovery period following LASIK surgery with a few exceptions. Patients recovering from LASEK surgery can expect the flap created during the procedure to be fully healed after one day. However, they will likely have to wear a specially designed contact lens for four days following the procedure. This contact lens acts as a bandage during the recovery process.

The LASEK recovery process may have a brief period of discomfort following the procedure. This irritation usually only lasts for a day or two. Additionally, LASEK patients may not enjoy improved vision for approximately one week after the procedure. The patient will likely visit the surgeon for the first post-operative visit the day after the procedure. Additional visits usually occur one week after the procedure and three months after the procedure. These post-operative visits are critical because they enable the surgeon to evaluate the results of the surgery and determine whether or not there are complications which require emergency care.



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