Signs of Problems after LASEK Eye Surgery

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How do I know if my eye is not healing properly after LASEK eye surgery?

Signs of Problems after LASEK Eye Surgery Tip: Before undergoing any type of vision correction surgery, patients should fully understand what signs to look for as an indication the eye is not healing properly. This is important because recognizing the symptoms of problems with LASEK eye surgery can help the patient to get prompt treatment which may be necessary to prevent permanent damage to the eyes. In general, some of the signs of a LASEK procedure not healing correctly may include pain, a decrease in vision, red eyes or discharge. Patients who experience these symptoms after eye surgery should contact their surgeon immediately.

Additionally, LASEK eye surgery patients should also attend all scheduled post-operative visits. These visits are critical because they give the surgeon the opportunity to evaluate the healing process and determine whether or not there is a need for emergency care or follow up procedures. Failure to attend these appointments can put the health of the eyes in jeopardy.



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