Finding a Custom Wavefront LASIK Surgeon

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Where can I find a custom wavefront LASIK surgeon?

Finding a Custom Wavefront LASIK Surgeon

Choosing a LASIK surgeon is never a simple process and the process of selecting a custom wavefront LASIK surgeon is certainly no exception. However, the process of finding potential surgeons for the procedure is much less complicated. There are a number of different methods for finding these surgeons including consulting with your insurance provider, seeking a referral from your eye doctor, reviewing advertisements online and in the print media and visiting the website for the American Academy of Ophthalmology. These methods for finding a custom wavefront LASIK surgeon can be used to compile a list of potential surgeons, but selecting one of these surgeons to perform the procedure should be based on extensive research and interviews which enable to the patient to gauge the surgeon's skill level, experience and success rate with previous patients.



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