Selecting the Best LASIK Surgeons

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How do I know which surgeons are the best LASIK surgeons?

Selecting the Best LASIK Surgeons

Many surgeons may claim to be one of the best LASIK surgeons, but each patient must consider what is important to them when selecting a surgeon. This is important because there is no one surgeon who is the best for all patients. There may be some surgeons who are highly qualified with a great deal of experience, but if the patient is not comfortable with the surgeon, the patient may opt to select another surgeon instead.

Ideally the best LASIK surgeons are those surgeons who are not only highly skilled with a great deal of experience, but also help the patient feel comfortable and answer all of his questions accurately and honestly. In some cases, it may be necessary for a patient to choose between two surgeons who seem to have comparable qualifications and in this case the patient may use other factors, such as personality and price structure in making the decision.



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