Comparing LASIK Eye Surgeons

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How do I compare LASIK eye surgeons?

Comparing LASIK Eye Surgeons

Comparing LASIK eye surgeons can be a difficult and complicated process, but it is also a very important part of selecting the best surgeon for you. For this reason, special care and consideration should be given to this portion of the decision-making process. Before a patient begins the process of comparing LASIK surgeons, he should first create a list of the elements he wishes to consider in selecting a surgeon and should then prioritize this list to determine which elements are most important to him.

Some of the elements a patient may wish to consider when selecting LASIK eye surgeons may include training, qualifications, experience, previous success rate, trustworthiness, equipment used, maintenance of the equipment, cleanliness of the facility, friendliness of the staff, price and any other factors which may be important to the patient. After creating this list, the patient should determine which factors are most important to him and rank these factors accordingly. It is recommended that patients rank skill level and qualifications above all other elements to ensure they are selecting the most skilled LASIK eye surgeon, but all other elements can be ranked according to personal preference.

Once a prioritized list of considerations is established, the patient can begin interviewing and researching potential LASIK eye surgeons to determine how highly each surgeon ranks in each category. This makes it easier to compare the surgeons and determine which one is the best choice for a particular patient.



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