Researching a LASIK Doctor

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How do I research a LASIK doctor?

Researching a LASIK Doctor Tip: It is very important for all patients who are considering vision correction surgery to thoroughly research each LASIK doctor they are considering. This is important because simply relying on the doctor's advertising can be misleading and deceptive. Therefore, it is necessary to do independent research to ensure you are selecting a well-qualified doctor with a great deal of experience and a high level of success. Some of the methods for researching a LASIK doctor should include conducting in-person interviews with doctors you are considering, consulting the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and asking for testimonials from previous patients.

The in-person interview is one of a patient's most effective ways to research a LASIK doctor. This is important because this interview gives the patient the opportunity to ask questions about the doctor's qualifications, as well as to formulate opinions about the doctor's trustworthiness.

Consulting the BBB should also be part of the process of researching a LASIK doctor. Patients should verify any doctor they are considering has favorable status with the BBB and should be leery of any doctor who has had an unusually high amount of complaints against him.

Finally, a patient should ask potential LASIK doctors for testimonials from previous patients before selecting a doctor. This step in the research process is important because it will provide insight into the level of satisfaction experienced by previous patients. However, the caveat to this type of research is it is important to realize most LASIK doctors will only provide testimonials from previous patients who were satisfied with the results of the procedure and the service provided by the doctor. Therefore, this type of research should be combined with other research methods to formulate an accurate opinion of the doctor's skill level.



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