Seeking Recommendations for a Qualified LASIK Surgeon

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Should I go to the same LASIK surgeon who operated on my friend?

Seeking Recommendations for a Qualified LASIK Surgeon Tip: There are many different ways to find a LASIK surgeon in your area including searching the yellow pages, visiting websites and asking your ophthalmologist for recommendations. However, many prospective LASIK patients begin their search for a LASIK surgeon by consulting with friends and family members who have previously undergone the procedure.

All patients who are considering LASIK surgery should thoroughly research and interview the qualified surgeons in their area before selecting an eye surgeon. However, it is worthwhile for a patient to begin his search for a LASIK surgeon based on recommendations from friends and family members who have had success with a particular surgeon. This is worthwhile because the friends and family members will likely only recommend a particular surgeon if they were pleased with the results of the surgery and feel as though the surgeon was trustworthy. This is important because these are very important factors to consider when selecting a LASIK surgeon.

However, it is important to note a patient should not select a LASIK surgeon based solely on the recommendation of a friend or family member. This is because the friend or family member may have had a great deal of success, but if the surgeon is not well-qualified with a great deal of experience the patient may wish to select a more qualified surgeon with a more favorable level of success.



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