Choosing an Eye Surgeon You Trust

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How important is it to trust your eye surgeon?

Choosing an Eye Surgeon You Trust Tip: The skill level and experience of an eye surgeon is very important because it can help to diminish the potential for poor results from the procedure. However, in selecting an eye surgeon, the patient should also carefully consider his level of trust for the surgeon. This is just as important as the skill and experience of the surgeon because a patient who does not trust his eye surgeon is not likely to feel comfortable asking questions or expressing concerns.

Laser eye surgery should be a process which involves a great deal of interaction between the patient and the eye surgeon. Therefore, when interviewing potential surgeons it is important for the patient to note how comfortable he feels with the surgeon, as well as the effort the surgeon makes to help the patient feel well-informed and confident about the procedure. This may be largely a factor of personal preference, but it is still very important because trust in the eye surgeon will enable the patient to be confident about the potential for success in the procedure.

Gauging the amount of trust the patient has for the eye surgeon will likely be a gut reaction. The patient typically bases this level of trust on how honestly and accurately he feels the surgeon answers questions, as well as the surgeon's demeanor and personality. If the surgeon seems knowledgeable and personable, as well as generally concerned about the patient it is likely the patient will view the surgeon as trustworthy.



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