Tips for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon

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How do I choose a LASIK surgeon?

Tips for Choosing a LASIK Surgeon Tip: Choosing a LASIK surgeon is a very important decision which should be given careful consideration. Patients who are considering undergoing LASIK should be sure to spend sufficient time researching local eye surgeons to be sure they are selecting the best surgeon for them. Many patients may be tempted to make this decision based on cost alone, but it is important to note a surgeon's qualifications and experience should be considered to be more important in the decision making process than the fee associated with the procedure. Among equally qualified LASIK eye surgeons with the same level of experience, it is acceptable to factor price into the process of making the decision, but otherwise this is not a good idea.

Proper qualifications and experience performing LASIK procedures are critical to the success of any LASIK surgery. There is always the risk for complications but these risks are greatly reduced when you are working with a LASIK surgeon who has a great deal of experience as opposed to an eye surgeon who has relatively little experience. When interviewing prospective surgeons, ask questions about how many procedures they have performed in their lifetime, how many procedures they have performed in the last year, what types of procedures they have performed and the success rate of their patients. The answer to these questions should provide a good indication of how well qualified the surgeon is to perform the procedure. Additionally, it should also provide a great deal of insight that is useful for comparing several different surgeons.



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