Blade Free LASIK Surgery – A Safer Option

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Is blade free LASIK surgery safer than traditional LASIK?

Blade Free LASIK Surgery – A Safer Option

Although traditional LASIK is not considered unsafe, blade free LASIK surgery is seen as the safer option. The technology used in blade free LASIK allows the surgeon to make a more precise cut in the cornea and create a flap, which will adhere more readily at the conclusion of the procedure resulting in superior visual acuity and fewer complications after the surgery.

Traditional LASIK surgery and blade free LASIK surgery are performed in the same manner with one important difference. This difference is the way in which the flap in the cornea is created. Traditional LASIK utilizes a handheld blade, while blade free LASIK surgery utilizes an infrared laser controlled by a computer. This laser is precise to a degree of +/- 10 microns making it far superior to a handheld cutting device. As a result of this increased precision, the surgeon can customize the corneal flap for each patient to create a flap which will heal quickly. Additionally, the laser passes through the eye instead of across the cornea. The more precise cutting method, as well as the ability to avoid passing over the cornea creates a safer procedure with decreased potential for complications.



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