The Ideal Blade Free LASIK Patient

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How do I know if blade free LASIK is right for me?

The Ideal Blade Free LASIK Patient

Patients who were either previously told they were not a good candidate for traditional LASIK or who were apprehensive about undergoing LASIK with a microkeratome blade may find blade free LASIK technology is right for them. This is because the more precise cutting method reduces some of the risk involved with the procedure and makes the procedure possible for patients who have conditions which previously made them poor candidates for LASIK.

During blade free LASIK surgery, an infrared laser is used to make a precise cut in the cornea to create a flap which enables the surgeon to reshape the cornea. This laser is controlled by a computer and can be tailored specifically to the patient with precise accuracy, detailing the thickness of the flap as well as the location of the flap. This increased level of precision makes it possible to perform LASIK surgery on some patients who have thinner corneas, larger pupils and greater than moderate astigmatism.



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