All Laser LASIK Surgery for Military Pilots

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Can military pilots undergo LASIK surgery?

All Laser LASIK Surgery for Military Pilots

Military pilots have previously been considered ineligible for LASIK surgery because of the potential for complications which may result from the extreme conditions they may experience while in flight, such as wind, high altitude, dry air and gravitational forces. It was believed these extreme conditions could compromise the pilot's vision in the event that the corneal flap did not heal fully and completely. However, new technology which allows for all laser LASIK surgery is causing the military to rethink the exclusion of pilots who have undergone LASIK procedures.

The U.S. Navy instituted a new program which enables military aviators to undergo all laser LASIK surgery. These procedures are performed with the aid of an infrared laser which cuts a flap in the cornea precisely and allows for a greatly decreased risk for potential complications. As a result of this improved technology, hopeful military pilots who were previously held back by poor vision now have the potential to pursue the career of their dreams.



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