The Difference between Blade Free LASIK and Traditional LASIK

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How does blade free LASIK surgery differ from traditional LASIK?

The Difference between Blade Free LASIK and Traditional LASIK

The significant difference between blade free LASIK and traditional LASIK is the way in which the corneal flap is cut. However, it is also this difference which makes blade free LASIK a superior procedure capable of producing more successful results with fewer possibilities for complications. The technological advancements behind this blade free procedure make it possible for surgeons to create a more precise corneal flap which is tailored to the patient's eye. This results in a decreased risk in the potential for complications which result from the corneal flap not healing correctly.

Although complications in LASIK surgery are relatively rare, the complications which do arise are often a result of the use of a microkeratome blade to cut the corneal flap. If this cut is not made precisely, the flap may not adhere to the eye properly and cause complications, such as double vision or distorted vision which require additional procedures to correct the problems. However, blade free LASIK surgery uses an infrared laser controlled by a computer to create the flap in the cornea. This flap is created by an infrared laser passing through the eye and creating a series of microscopic bubbles just below the corneal surface at a precise location and depth. Once these bubbles are created, the surgeon can lift the flap and proceed with the surgery.



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