The Benefits of All Laser LASIK

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Are there advantage to LASIK surgery without the use of a blade?

The Benefits of All Laser LASIK Tip: LASIK surgery without the use of a blade often produces better results than traditional LASIK procedures. This type of all laser LASIK is often referred to as IntraLasik and refers to a procedure in which the corneal flap is cut with an infrared laser as opposed to the microkeratome blade used in traditional LASIK. After the flap is created, the procedure continues in the same manner as a traditional LASIK procedure. However, since many complications relate to the flap, a more precise cutting method can yield superior results.

The method for cutting the corneal flap employed by an all laser LASIK procedure increases the potential for the patient to have successful results from the procedure. Some of the benefits from blade free LASIK include a decreased risk of infection, a decreased risk of dry eye, a decreased risk of the need for follow up procedures and a greater probability of achieving visual acuity of 20/20 or better. These benefits are derived from the fact that the corneal flap created by the infrared laser is more precise and therefore more likely to adhere to the eye more quickly and more precisely after the procedure is completed.



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