Increased Confidence with Vision Correction Surgery

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Can vision correction surgery help me improve my confidence?

Increased Confidence with Vision Correction Surgery Tip: For some patients, vision correction surgery such as LASIK can have a positive effect on the patient's confidence. This phenomenon may not exist for all patients who opt to undergo a vision correction procedure but for those who find poor vision or the need to wear eyeglasses to be a source of embarrassment and frustration, LASIK surgery can have a confidence increasing effect.

Patients who need to wear eyeglasses before vision correction may be particularly susceptible to feeling self conscious about their appearance. They may feel as though the eyeglasses either hide them or simply do not flatter them. In these situations, vision correction without the need for eyeglasses makes these patients feel more comfortable and confident.

Even patients who wear contact lenses may suffer from diminished confidence as a result of their poor vision. Even if they currently correct their vision with contact lenses as opposed to glasses, they may still feel unsure of themselves because the vision is not extremely sharp in situations, such as dimly lit rooms. However, patients who have undergone LASIK surgery to correct their vision often see much better in these situations and as a result are less likely to feel awkward or self conscious.



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