How Intralase Has Improved Laser Eye Surgery

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How Has Intralase Improved LASIK?

How Intralase Has Improved Laser Eye Surgery

Intralase has improved LASIK with several different changes.

Intralase has replaced the hand held blade used in LASIK to make the corneal flap, with a computer-guided laser. The result is a safer procedure with more accuracy. With LASIK you had more of a chance of having a flap complication than with Intralase. These flap complications are now virtually eliminated with the use of the Intralase laser.

Intralase has improved LASIK by allowing people who may not have been candidates for LASIK to perhaps receive Intralase. People with thin corneas now may have the opportunity to have Intralase, when before LASIK wasn't an option.

Due to the extra safety and accuracy of the Intralase procedure, you will pay a bit more. However, the price may be worth it when you think of how improved the safety and accuracy of Intralase is.

Please discuss with your doctor whether or not you are a candidate for this new and improved laser eye surgery.



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